Situated in the Province of Bolzano famous for its great woodworking traditions Bernardi Carpentry has been accumulating experience and synergies united by one common goal: to satisfy the clients’ requirements offering a high quality service.
This is our aim that we reach day by day supporting our clients on every step, from the preliminary phase of consulting and design to the operational stage of production and assembly. Our carpenters stay at your disposal for a non-binding site survey and subsequent proposals of furniture and furnishings with a detailed technical project. Together we will evaluate the materials, colours, finishings, accessories, treatments and all the case particulars. 

Once approved, the project comes into life: the wood, in the form of panels or squared timber, is shaped in our workshop using the ultimate generation equipment that ensures complete conformity with the project. Upon request it is possible to apply artistic and decorative carving in order to add a rustic touch and increase the handicraft value of the furniture. Finally, the items are submitted to damp proofing and treatments against mould and insects. The service includes delivery and assembly executed by the staff of Bernardi Carpentry. The styles vary from modern to rustic, from vintage to ethnic, with Italian or exotic wood types, carefully selected to meet the highest expectations.
  • Consulting and design

    A touch of personality. That’s the distinctive feature of our furniture and furnishings. Trying to best meet every client’s requirement, we strive to consider carefully all the requests and carry out an objective analysis of the environment to be furnished. How to use the available space in the most functional way? Which type of wood to choose to create a unique and pleasant style? These and other questions are taken into consideration during the preliminary consultation and site survey. Once the necessary information has been collected, we proceed with design, i.e. with the creation of drafts which will be afterwards carefully examined and defined in every detail together with the client during the in-depth meeting.
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  • At this stage it’s time to choose finishings, decorations, accessories, treatments and everything that is required to produce furniture that is not only beautiful, but also practical, resistant and durable. Either office or bedroom, bar or bathroom, hotel lobby or clothing boutique – furniture created by Bernardi Carpentry is versatile and looks perfect in any interior due to the exclusively handcrafted and bespoke design, where even the less important aspects get examined thoroughly without leaving a single detail unattended. Precision, care and courtesy have always been at the heart of our performance and contribute significantly to the success of our consulting and design activities.
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  • Production and assembly

    After the preliminary consultation and subsequent design we proceed to the furniture and furnishings production. And once again, Bernardi Carpentry focuses on the product quality and, first of all, on the accurate choice of materials. All materials are purchased from highly reliable providers and carefully inspected with the aim of choosing the best timber for a certain project.  Various components are shaped and worked with high-technology machinery under the constant control of specialised technicians. Scrupulous monitoring of the woodworking process represents an essential aspect both for us and for the client.
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  • To make wood even more resistant, the furniture undergoes the treatments that protect it from UV-rays, moisture, thermal shocks and other hazards. The finished products are then packed and carefully loaded into our trucks for further transportation to the destination address. Our aim is to ensure a timely  delivery and a perfect assembly – only a full-service company like ours is able to perform the whole range of activities with no need to involve third parties. If the furniture and furnishings of Bernardi Carpentry make every interior cosy and comfortable, it is due to our authentic passion for handicraft. Experience our dedication and professionalism!
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