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Founded in 1954 by Alfonso Bernardi, our carpentry company has preserved in the name its ancient roots. A great professional and woodworking expert, Alfonso started a venture that was destined to grow far beyond his expectations. With the help of the first 4 specialised workers, Bernardi Carpentry managed to launch the process of development and modernization that ensured our growth year after year, bringing us to change from a private enterprise into a limited partnership. 2 out of 5 Alfonso’s children, Aldo and Paolo, became carpenters and took up the baton of managing their father’s business introducing new skills, ideas and initiatives to satisfy the growing number of clients.

In 1985 Bernardi Carpentry turned into a general partnership, increasing its open market value. Nowadays our workshop for woodworking and bespoke fitted furniture production occupies 780 sq.m. and is equipped with modern machinery and a team of highly qualified workers made up of 7 specialized carpenters. The current offer includes a large choice of interior solutions such as doors, bedrooms, kitchens, hotel rooms, offices and bars. In the nearest future we plan to organize a production centre equipped with computer numerical control (CNC) machinery in order to make the manufacturing process even faster and safer. We opt for the future where handcrafting and technology exist in perfect harmony.

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Bernardi Carpentry
Str. Col Pinëi 31 - 39036 La Villa
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